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Enabling the LLM Agents Revolution into the Enterprise

GenAI will skyrocket your organization productivity


Stop developing LLM-based applications from scratch

With Kosmoy enterprises can develop and deploy GenAI Applications integrating enterprise IT platforms without writing code

Kosmoy enables organizations to build GenAI Applications integrating multiple LLMs with different repositories of company data and communicating through multiple communication channels. Using Kosmoy Studio you can seamlessly manage multiple applications with different LLM-based assistants.


Enterprise-grade Observability in your Generative AI Applications

Kosmoy dashboard provides real time visibility of LLM fees, user feedback and unsafe or toxic behaviors

LLM Cost Tracking

Kosmoy Monitoring Hub enables you to monitor the fees charged by the different LLM providers for each GenAI assistant and application you are running using Kosmoy.

Human Feedback Training

Kosmoy Monitoring Hub allows you to track the feedback received from your GenAI application users, who can report satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the quality of responses they are getting from the LLM. You will also be able to track unsafe or toxic answers that the user reports.

Usage and Performance

Kosmoy Monitoring Hub tracks the usage of all GenAI assistants, the tokens used and the errors received from the LLM powering each GenAI application.


Security for your

GenAI Application

Kosmoy guardrails protects from toxic and unsafe communications and control sensitive information sharing

Kosmoy agents are controlled through guardrails that ensure the user communications with the large language model are in compliance with your company policies and with applicable regulations such as GDPR and the EU AI Act. Each communication with agents must comply with the user-defined policies as far as toxic language, forbidden content or sharing of personal identifiable information (PII). Moreover Kosmoy guardrails protect the LLM from prompt injection attempts.

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GenAI Agents Revolution

in Numbers

$4.4 T

The yearly increase in business productivity through the use of LLMs


Percentage of time spent by knowledge workers searching for and gathering information.


Estimated increase in profit for Customer Service companies by 2035


Employees Improved Productivity using AI

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